When florabella was established in 1998, our mission was to create a lifestyle of resort inspired items that embraced natural materials, lovingly handmade by artisans, each piece slightly unique and of the quality to be cherished for years and generations to come.

That mission has never wavered but has only become more central to our collection.

Ethically sourced and harvested materials, fair trade and limiting the use of machines with a focus on hand techniques such as weaving, hand-dying, hand embroidery and beading, repurposing excess materials and creating classic items that can be worn for many years to come are only a few of the ways florabella is limiting its imprint on the environment.

Our goal is to become a better brand each day being conscious of the environment and continuing our persuit to become more sustainable in our practices.

We welcome you to visit our care instructions page to learn how to extend the longevity of your florabella item.